Rte 9 The Meadows

The Meadows was the site of one of many wedding receptions held for John and Jacqueline Kennedy when they married. Presided over by Cardinal Cushing, this was a huge social event for Framingham.

Vaughn Monroe was one of the owners, and played here often. This photo is rare, not from a postcard, and shows the Meadows with the sign as it appeared on Rte 9. Looks like the picture was taken on a winter’s day.

The Meadows became the Steak n Brew in the early 1970’s where you could buy all you could drink Sangria in pitchers. Later it was called Beefsteak Charlies, and had a Disco called Vamps inside, and then mysteriously burned to the ground. Now there’s an office building on the site and a Bennigan’s next door.

4 thoughts on “Rte 9 The Meadows

  1. h. capet says:

    Great blog! I’ll have to come back, but where was this Meadows dinner you speak of exactly?

  2. Dave says:

    It was located exactly where the Meadows office building now sits. Kind of west of Walmart, and next to Bennigan’s.

  3. Roger says:

    Looking for pictures of the bar that was down town Framingham next to the old Woolworths five and dime called the Open Doir

  4. Emil j Cost says:

    I have photos of the stage in The Meadows

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