Sea & Surf

Located at the junction of Rte 9 and 126 was the Sea & Surf Restaurant. Next door, many will remember Katz Pharmacy. The Sea & Surf was a place to go for a special night out, considered the best seafood in the area at the time.  Any comments  on this place would be welcome .

37 thoughts on “Sea & Surf

  1. Tony Corman says:

    I went there for dinner a couple of times, once with friends, once with the family. Classic heavy Italian-style seafood. It always seemed elegant to me, as a kid. I think Paul Bacon used to play organ there. (We lived around the corner on Foster Drive in the lte 1960s.)

  2. dee sheehan says:

    had met my coworker there to have dinner after. we were waiting for a table and the news came over the tv that john f kennedy was shot. how sad. we was a great president and no one still know who shot him (or am I wrong).

  3. Chris TenEyck says:

    I grew up in Needham and well remember coming to the Sea n’ Surf. Framingham was the end of the world to those of us in Needham, although coming to the Shoppers’ World was fun to do after our movie dates. Sea n’ Surf was a real treat, I remember my brother & I looking into the lobster tanks.

    John F. Kennedy’s killer was Lee Harvey Oswald. I remember hearing that horrible news driving with my mom to the Natick Mills, where she frequently purchased sewing material.

  4. Randy Hecht says:

    I grew up in Framingham in the 60’s & 70’s My mom worked part-time as a waitress at Monticello & Sea ‘N Surf. Rte 9 in Fram/Natick is so different now. I’ve been living in So. Cal now since 1988. But will always have great memories of all these landmarks.

  5. Gene Andelman says:

    In respect to a posting dated October 12, 2006 at 0318.
    I was feeling nostalgic today while eating my lunch at my desk, from which is a great view of Bath Iron Works Ship Yard and the Kennebec River; a very nautical scene viewed from the office window, reminiscent of the theme of Sea n’ Surf. There, I happily serve as an engineer. Whimsically, I decided to type in Sea n’ Surf Restaurant, Framingham into a Google search, not really expecting to find anything. To my joy I discovered a posted picture of the restaurant front with its trademark lobster sign. My father, Eddie Andelman was the owner from the early fifties until its sale, circa 1978. I have many great childhood memories of that place. Good memories of wonderful people associated with Sea n Surf, both customers and employees

    Gene Andelman

    • Gail Treddin says:

      I miss the Sea and Surf so much. My parents and I went there every Friday night! I always had-clam chowder,salad,prime rib and the amazing delmonico potatoes with a chocolate parfait to finish it off! I loved the little boy who was fishing in the lobster pool out front. It was always busy! Why did you close the restaurant? Can’t you open another one that is exactly the same? The quality of the food was always perfect! I could cry….it was such a part of my childhood.The waitresses were all so good and NICE! ah, the fish smells….always a perfect night!

      • Gene Andelman says:

        Sorry, my father was the restaurateur, and none of his children followed that career path. I’ve been in the shipbuilding industry for more than three decades. Times have changed in the restaurant business. A lot of sea food restaurants are struggling or going out of business in the chaotic prices and supply of marine food products and the ups and downs of the economy.
        Sorry, my father was the restaurateur, and none of his children followed that career path. I’ve been in the shipbuilding industry for more than three decades. Times have changed in the restaurant business. A lot of sea food restaurants are struggling or going out of business in the chaotic prices and supply of marine food products and the ups and downs of the economy.

        All said, I also miss the old family business and those characteristic that you mentioned.

        Warm Regards,
        Gene Andelman

    • Lorraine Butler says:

      I also was feeling nostalgic and typed in “Sea and Surf” and was happy to see the picture and comments.
      As soon as i saw the name Eddie Andleman I recognized the name.
      My father was a waiter, my brother a busboy and I was a relish girl.
      For birthdays we would go for lobster. It was great. Remember the lobster lollipops? Wonderful. The manger was ??? and she had a sister Tessie.

      • Linda Walker (LePage) says:

        Hello Gene Andelman,
        Those were the days! I also worked at the Sea N Surf as a relish girl when I was in High School ( early 70’s) Loved that place. We had so much fun working there. I also worked in the coat check room, did a little hostessing when Tesse or Mary Goddard needed the help. Those were fun times. Nice lobster pool out front. My Mom was a waitress there also, Remember Adrienne LePage. Oh the good ole days!
        Surprised to see the Surf online after all these years.
        Linda (LePage) Walker
        PS We should have a Sea N Surf Reunion someplace!! :-)

    • marc kulkin says:

      Hi Gene,

      I used to go there religiously with my Dad and sister in the mid and late 70’s. My uncle (Donny) was very good friends with your father, who i remember as being a very nice man. I have tons of memories of the lobster tank. To this day i am a lobster connoiseuer thanks to Sea n Surf!

    • Tony Corman says:

      Gene, I think you and I were at Framingham North at the same time – I’m pretty sure I remember you!

    • David says:


      I have many found memories of eating at the restaurant and visiting chef Johnny in the kitchen. In fact my older sister Lynda always ordered the fried chicken and she could tell when he did not cook it!! My father was Phil Katz cousin of Paul Katz and owner of PhilMac Pharmacy.

      David Katz

      • Gene Andelman says:

        Hi David,
        I remember him simply as John the Cheff. He was the first cheff of Sea N, Surf. He left to open up his own resturant in Maynard. By the way I have good memories of Paul Katz Pharmarcy. Mr. Paul Katz took good care of my when I got sick. He was our family pharmacist. Plus he ran one of those old fashing pharmacy that had a soda fountain counter. I really use to enjoy going over there to eat.
        Warm Regards,
        Gene Andelman

    • Wally Washburn says:

      I remember you and your brother Mark. Didn’t one of you have a monkey? I was only 7 or 8 when my dad worked there but I remember most of the time pretty well. Your dad was always so kind to me.

  6. Michelle Morcone says:

    My grandmother was Tessie Gallagher. She worked her for my whole life. Peggy was my godmother. I grew up in this restaurant and I have many many fond memories. Lobster is still my favorite meal.

    • Lorraine Butler says:

      I was a relish girl there and remember Tessie. What was her sister’s name?

    • Linda Walker (LePage) says:

      I remember working with Tesse. She use to stick her head over the fencing in the pantry near the Captain’s Room in the back to make sure us relish girls and busboys weren’t goofing off. She kept us on our toes. Good times.
      Linda (LePage) Walker
      PS She was a hard worker.

  7. Maggie says:

    I started working at the Sea N’ Surf in 1979. I was a waitress and then I worked the weddings on the weekends. My sister-in-law Rita worked the casher register and she got me the job. I have so many wonderful memories of working there! When I worked there Mike Rapp was the owner.
    Peg Tiberio

  8. Gene Andelman says:

    I remember Paul Rapp. He was quite the crook. I heard that he ended up serving substantial prison time in Florida for bank fraud. Paul Rapp is why Sea N’ Surf finally closed around 1979.
    I was finishing up engineering school at Northeastern University at the time.

    Warm Regards,
    Gene Andelman

    • Linda Walker (LePage) says:

      Oh Gene,
      I worked there when Bob was the Chef and Kent from Scituate was also one of the cooks. (1969-72) I do remember when the restaurant changed hands and it was all downhill after that. :-( It was a great place once upon a time…
      PS Remember Marcellino worked the shrimp cocktail station.

  9. Peggy Codd says:

    I would go to the Sea n Surf with my parents.. thebaked stuffed lobster was absolutely amazing- I still remember the garlic and ritz cracker stuffing! I have wanted that recipe my entire life!!! If you had it and could post it it would be a dream come true!! :-D .I also went to North High Gene! I hope you get this post after all this time.Thank you for posting on this site.

    Formerly Peggy Codd, now in Phoenix

  10. John Pedini says:

    My mother, Doris Pedini, worked as a waitress and hostess from the 1950’s down to it’s closing in 1979. Mary Goddard and Tessie were some of her best and closest friends. I still live her in the Framingham area and pass by the former Sea & Surf plaza every day on my way home…..many memories. Gene, do you remember my mother? Give me a call at 508-875-8942-the same number she had as forever (originally 617-873-8942).
    John Pedini

    • Linda Walker (LePage) says:

      I remember Doris. My Mom and I worked with her. Let’s see I remember John Diggins he worked out front all the time and Danny Hanagan was also a waiter there, remember Howie Hirsch. So many of my high school friends worked there. Mark & Arlene Lampie, Fred Levin. Wow, can’t believe I can remember all those names.
      So long ago. Good times.

  11. Shane Lynch says:

    This was only my second restaurant job, the first being the Monticello up the road. Wish I could remember all the names you mention but I was very young at the time. Lobster Princess comes to mind often!

  12. Howie Hirsch says:

    met my wife (linda johnson ) there in 1968. still married
    and always had great memories of tessie and the “chopper” mary goddard.
    Howie Hirsch

    • Linda Walker (LePage) says:

      Oh my God, Howie Hirsch!! How are you? How is Linda? A big “hello” to both of you. I live near Cape Cod now and Mom & Dad are in Maine. You remember Adrienne LePage (my Mom). I’m sure I worked as your relish girl on those busy Saturday nights in the Captain’s Room.. (Linda). The fun times we had in that place. Didn’t you move to FL years ago with Linda? Glad to here you 2 are still enjoying life together. Take Care. We should have a Sea N Surf Reunion. That would be loads of FUN! Linda

    • Tony DeBrito says:

      Howie, I remember you had a Corvette, right? You were nice to me as a new bus boy. My name is Tony deBrito. I was a junior or senior in HS. I remember Kathy(chefs daughter) Leslie(relish girl) and so many good people there. The Banwicks too. Great memories!

  13. David Swartz says:

    I went to the Sea n Surf as a child with my parents and brother. I always ordered the half boneless chicken with giblet gravy. I also loved their clam chowder. I was very thick and tasty. I would look at the large lobster tank that they had, open from the top and watch them swim.

  14. Scott Murray says:

    I took my first girlfriend there on a date in 1973, her mother had to drive us! We ordered the Fisherman’s Platter. I still have dinner with her to this day!

  15. Arthur Wernick says:

    Great memories of a great place! We always went there for special occasions. In the mid 60’s, I think Lenny Rawitz was a bartender there; I grew up with his sons–great family

  16. Linda Chase says:

    My goodness, seeing all these posts. I remember quite a few of you. My mother was Viola. I as well as my siblings worked at the Surf at various times. Gene , I remember you being in the office across the parking lot upstairs. Your dad was a very kind man. I also remember his partner, Ralph Golio.

    • Hi I am Ralph Golios grandson kipper was very close to buzzy Todd Stephanie viola. Blonde boy.

    • Walter Washburn says:

      My dad was a cook at the Sea and Surf, his name was Alan Washburn. I used to go to work with him all the time as a young boy. I remember Viola, she was so nice to me. My dad went and worked on Martha’s Vineyard and brought Danny and a few of the other talented cooks from the Surf as well.
      I also went to work as a young man with Mark Fitzgerald and Dave Barclay. What a place to spend time as a kid.

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