The Lone Ranger at Shoppers World

The Lone Ranger at Shoppers World

Who is that masked man at the head ot the table? It’s the Lone Ranger having lunch with kids before his appearance at Shoppers World in the mid fifties. Joan Fecteau Sullivan’s Father, Ernie, was the branch manager for the Framingham Trust, and he invited these kids to meet their hero.

5 thoughts on “The Lone Ranger at Shoppers World

  1. Joan Fecteau Sullivan says:

    I don’t know that my father did the inviting … just know that I was there because of him….. would love to know who any of the other folks in this picture are….

  2. Sandy Loughman says:

    Although I wasn’t in the photo, my grandparents, Alfred and Grace Benjamin of Mansfield St, Framingham, brought my sister and me to see the “Lone Ranger” at Shopper’s World that day. As a child, it was a thrill to see our favorite “star” on his glorious white horse!!.. A
    wonderful childhood memory!!

    Sandy Loughman
    Jacksonville, FL.

  3. Denis Manning says:

    Not sure …I think I can see ME in the photo. I has lunch with the Lone Ranger. My recollection …it was an upstairs dining room at Howard Johnson’s on Rte 9.

  4. Denis Manning says:

    “had” lunch of course.

  5. Dick Lynch says:

    I was there and it was definitely in a second floor room at the Howard Johnson restaurant across Rt. 9 from, I think, Ken’s Steakhouse. Unless I don’t recognize myself and am in the picture, I was the kid sitting just to the right of the last boy on the left side of the picture. I remember the Lone Ranger being unable to take his hat off at the table because his mask would have fallen off – or so he said. I lost my silver bullet a long time ago but it was a real prize that day!

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